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WCPO Accomplishments Over the Last 20 Years

  • Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor’s New 2023 Contract Benefits

    Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said that Wayne County officials have reached contract agreements with Government Bar Association (prosecutors’ union) that make Wayne County APAs among the highest paid in the state at every level. This, along with other items, has made the office competitive and allows for higher recruitment and retention. Worthy said that the contract will help bring down backlogs and has already attracted interest in lawyers coming and returning to the office.

  • Conviction Integrity Unit

    The Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU) created in 2018, investigates claims of innocence, to determine whether there is clear and convincing new evidence that the convicted defendant was not the person who committed the conviction offense. Its mission is to determine whether new evidence shows that an innocent person has been wrongfully convicted of a crime, and to recommend steps to rectify such situations. Only a court can actually set aside a conviction.

  • Elder Abuse Unit

    The Elder Abuse Unit vertically prosecutes cases where the victim is at least 65 years of age and /or a vulnerable adult. A vulnerable adult is an individual, age 18 or older, who, because of age, developmental disability, mental illness, or physical disability, requires supervision or personal care, or lacks the personal and social skills required to live independently. 

    It specifically prosecutes crimes targeting elderly or vulnerable persons, crimes in nursing homes, or adult foster care facilities.

  • Pre-Trial Diversion Program

    Reinstituted the Pre-Trial Diversion Program that was discontinued by the former prosecutor. 

    The goals of the Pre-Trial Diversion Program are to ensure prompt disposition of low-level felony cases with minimal use of public resources; encourage early payment of restitution to crime victims and distinguish between offenders who merit criminal sanctions and those who deserve a second chance.

  • Sexual Assault Team

    The Sexual Assault Team (SAT) was created to vertically prosecute all sexual assault cases where the victims are 16 years and older at the time the report to police is made. This includes cases of delayed reporting in which a victim was a minor at the time of the assault. Additionally, the SAT prosecutes all cases of Human Trafficking.

  • Sexual Assault Kit Task Force

    The Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) Task Force was formed to investigate and prosecute cases stemming from the discovery of over 11,000 untested sexual assault kits housed in the Detroit Police Department annexed property storage facility. All three of the kits completed testing in 2019. Investigation and prosecution of the cases is ongoing.

  • Fair Michigan Justice Project-LGBTQ Unit

    Fair Michigan Justice Project is a Michigan non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of the LGBTQ community, created by Attorney General Dana Nessel and Prosecutor Kym Worthy in 2016. 

    It provides a Special Assistant Prosecutor who vertically prosecutes felony cases and a victim advocate involving LGBTQ victims of crimes.

  • Animal Protection Unit

    The Animal Protection Unit (APU) is a vertical prosecution unit that focuses the prosecution of all crimes involving animals.

  • Mortgage and Deed Fraud Unit

    In 2005, Prosecutor Kym Worthy, then Sheriff Warren Evans and Register of Deeds Bernard Youngblood worked tirelessly to come up with a solution to solve the epidemic problem of mortgage and deed fraud in Wayne County. As a result, the Mortgage & Deed Fraud Unit was established.

  • Change for Life

    The Change for Life Program recognizes that mental and emotional distress suffered by victims of gun violence can be as debilitating as the physical injuries, offers a wrap-around network of support services for survivors and their families.

  • Change the Culture

    The Change the Culture initiative was created in 2005 by Prosecutor Kym Worthy in response to rampant violence that was affecting school aged children. Change the Culture outreach programs are designed to educate and prevent youth from becoming part of the cycle of violence that pervades our society.

  • Citizens Academy

    The Citizens Academy is a free seven-week course taught by assistant prosecuting attorneys to demystify the criminal justice system and provide an inside look at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office.

  • Copper and Scrap Metal Theft Initiative

    The Wayne County Prosecutor assigned a designated team to handle cases involving copper and scrap metal theft, which is a matter of Homeland Security. These thefts disrupt our ability to communicate and do business.

  • Drug House Program “No Child Left Inside”

    When minor children are found in drug houses during the execution of search warrants, the custodial parent can potentially face charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor if drugs are confiscated from the home.

  • Felony Non-Support

    This unit, dramatically expanded under Prosecutor Worthy’s leadership, has recovered millions in overdue child support.

  • Lead Poisoning

    In 2005, a new bill became law making it a criminal offense for landlords to rent properties containing known lead hazards to families with children. By enforcing this law we protect our most precious citizens, our children. 

  • Mental Health Diversion

    The Mental Health/Expedited Plea program, also commonly referred to as the Mental Health Jail Diversion program seeks to identify and refer for treatment non-violent offenders who need help for mental illness, emotional disturbance, or developmental disability.

  • Right TRAC

    Right TRAC is a diversion program designed to identify “at-risk” youth charged with minor offenses that are motivated to Take Responsibility and Accept the Consequences of their delinquent conduct.

  • Safe Schools Initiative

    The Safe Schools Initiative is a collaboration between the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office and the Wayne County School District to ensure safe schools and academic excellence. This program was developed to reduce truancy, identify, and prosecute non-compliant sex offenders, and prevent crimes that arise from bullying. There are currently 15 schools involved in the program.

  • Teen Court

    The Teen Court Diversion Program is for first-time teen offenders of minor crimes who are willing to admit responsibility for their actions and have their peers hear their case and determine an appropriate sentence.

  • Teenage Victims of Sexual Assault

    Before Prosecutor Worthy took office, teenage victims (ages 13-15) of sexual assault were treated just like adult victims of sexual assault. This program specifically addresses sexual assault among teens to protect their rights and privacy.

  • Violent Video Game Parent Awareness

    The Violent Video Game Parent Awareness Program garnered national attention by educating consumers, particularly parents about the content of popular but violent videogames.